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Author: Eddy Matthews

Here are the Best Fishing Waders that Keep You Dry?

There is nothing more satisfying than walking out into a fast river or the shore line in a pair of the best fishing waders waders. being out there, in the water and staying bone dry is just the best – well it is to me!

Waders are used for a number of reasons by anglers. From collecting prawns to use as Salmon or Bass bait to fly fishing in a river, hunting down wild brownies in their natural environment, or even cleaning out the pond.

Waders seem to come in two types, crap (they leak) and great (they keep you dry). There is nothing worse than slowly inching your way into the water to feel a freezing cold leak right next to your crotch! it quickly spoils any fishing session.

Seams are the usual place a wader will break down and the crotch and legging to boot areas are the weakest joints in my opinion. In-fact the crotch is where most of mine have broken down and caused me problems.

The cold can also be a factor. Really cold water without enough insulation can chill the legs very quickly. It’s all to do with the greater density of water than air and the heat transfer coefficient.

Anyway, we are looking for good quality waders that wont let go on the first use and are likely to last you for a while so you get some value out of your money. The more you spend, generally the more technical and long lasting the clothing.

Lets take a ganders of a few pairs that I like:

Michigan 100% Waterproof Olive Nylon Fishing Chest Waders with Belt Sizes 6 – 12

chest-wadersThis is a cheaper pair of waders & I have a pair of these for what I call heavy duty work. Stuff like bait digging, crabbing and netting prawns when I often come into contact with rocks and other submerged objects which scuff the fabric and create weak points (I have a couple of patches on mine).

For the money they are great and I have noticed they have over 140 4-5 star reviews on Hard wearing and they keep the water the right side! They are a little bit cold though and I often wear some fleece type trackie bottoms underneath to help insulate and keep the warmth in.

These waders are made from 79D nylon fabric and have taped seams as well as well fitting, supported boots to prevent slippage!

The waist has elasticated panels helping the waders fit and not bag too much as well as a robust clip shut belt. The fit is further enhanced with elasticated braces, keeping the waders held up and comfortable. Please note they are attached with a quick release clip so you can release them if you get into difficulty. To the front is a large pocket, ideal for keeping tackle in or even you sarnies!

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Bison 4mm Neoprene Chest Waders – With FREE Phone Dry bag and Studs.

bison 4mm waders

If you have a bit more money in the bank, I would suggest you have a hard think about these!!

Neoprene provides a very warm environment, even in the coldest UK waters. Neoprene also tend to be less sweaty  than traditional PVC / Nylon waders and a lot more flexible and comfortable – you pay a bit more for the comfort.

There are more expensive neoprene  versions but when it comes to great value for money you will no go wrong with these.

Strong stitching keeps these waders together and watertight. The very adjustable shoulder straps provide real comfort – needed when you wear them all day.

The front pocket is huge and offers plenty of storage for lures, flies or rigs as well as your mobile. Don’t forget these now come with a free phone dry bag (I haven’t seen this to remark).

The studs, used wisely (not to many) will give you extra grip while fishing, especially over green rocks. Always make sure of your footing before moving the next leg!

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My Best Head Torch for Fishing

There a few tools and gadgets which will make your fishing safer and more enjoyable, like flotation suites, good wellies (warm ones) and a flask that you can eat your soup from.

Bring Forth the Best Head Torch…

One piece of gear that I think is essential for night fishing is a good quality head torch. Staggering over wet grass, rocks or stones in the dark, with no moon is bloody deadly! Easy to go ass-over-tit.

There are lots of uses for the head torch from getting to your mark in one piece, baiting up, tying on rigs, pouring your soup and spotting fish while playing them to net or safely land them. A nice strong beam with a good reach into the dark is great, but having the ability to widen the beam or dull it is really important.

Sometimes you want to keep light off the water, fishing for Bass or Sea Trout are two great examples of when you want to keep light to a minimum.  You would have to be a tosser to go fishing on the darkest night you can find – small moon, overcast and a little roughed up, only to head to the beach with a Million watts of light firing from your forehead into the water like a Darlek zapping Dr. Who. This is where you at the very least keep the light away from the water or have a red filter to stop the light entering the water and scaring the fish. Trust me, your catch rate will increase if you keep light off the water.

There are lots of different choices of head lamp on the market, those with incandescent bulbs, halogen, single LEDs and then LED clusters. Have you seen the power those cluster LEDs can out put? It is amazing, I have a security light at home with a small square of LEDs, about the size of 1/4 of a postage stamp and it lights up the whole street. Amazing technology. I digress, you can also get different power packs using modern battery technology, those that take off the shelf batteries, external power packs and head torches that have a power pack just behind the light.

My First Quality Head Torch – Petzl Zoom

petzlzoom-headtorchI remember my first good quality light. A Petzl Zoom like this one pictured. I upgraded the bulb and had an external power pack that I belt mounted.

You would screw the front bezel in and out to focus the beam. My brother and I found small electric fencing batteries that would power them so we could get more than 3 hours of light. It was the dogs in its day, but like the pattern on the head mount, a little dated now!!!

Modern battery and lighting technology have come on leaps and bounds since those fuzzy days. The design, build quality, glass and bulbs all go together to make some really amazing head torches. Bright, light, controllable and lasting longer than ever. They are more resistant to drops, knocks and bangs than they ever where. All in all a really great investment.

Anyway, lets look at a few of them shall we?

As with most things in life you do get what you pay for, although there are some really amazing deals on “entry level” lights that are superb for fishing, read on for my best head torch reviews.

PATHFINDER 21 LED Headlamp Headlight

One of the best lights when it comes to value for money has to be the pathfinder headlamp. this water resistant light boasts a range of different modes for operation, it’s an ideal fishing light and great for general Recreation.

Fishing Head Torch

This head torch is powered by 21 super bright LEDs however with the four modes you can select the strength of the light. The lowest mode uses just one of the 21 LEDs the bright mode uses 8 LEDS and the ultrabright mode uses all 21. for emergencies you can set all 21 LEDs to blink. great if you end up in a spot of bother.

At full brightness with all 21 LEDs the 3 AAA batteries (not included) give you a range of 50 meters for up to 200 hours use. This headlamp uses power-efficient technology to provide full brightness down to 15% of total battery charge, Quite astonishing really!

The headlamp body is made from pc abs material and weighs in at 116 grams without the batteries.

This headlamp gets some of the best reviews in its category and makes an outstanding choice for anyone looking to get there first or backup headlamp. when it comes to value for money I cannot recommend a better product, everyone should have at least one in the tackle box or under the stairs.

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GRDE® Waterproof Headlamp, Light Weight Comfortable LED Head Torch, 300 Lumens.

This waterproof headlamp is another great cost-effective choice, providing 300 lumens of light, ideal for fishing, walking and doing chores by! hopefully not too many chores though.

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Best Head Torch

this head torch is super lightweight weighing only 48 grams, the light itself is small been under 6 centimeters on its longest side, however it packs a punch and the beam can reach up to 80 metres. The other advantage with this lamp is it can be used in many conditions as it is weather resistant and waterproof up to ipx6 standard (please follow that link which wxaplins the IP rating system).

one advantage with this entry level light it is well as having a high and low white light setting it also has a red light which is extremely useful the many fishing applications. as well as those three options this light also has an SOS flashing mode.

the light is well made from an abs casting which keeps it lightweight and small it is mounted on an adjustable headband and is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Please do not be deceived by this products low price, it offers everything you need to start my fishing be that in the sea lake OR river.

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LED Lenser H7R Rechargeable Head Torch

If you have a few more pounds to spend then the Lenser H7R is a real contender. We are looking at mid level pricing here for an extremely capable, well designed bit of kit. This head torch is one of the most popular in its price bracket and it is easy to see why…

LED Lenser Head Torch

This is a well engineered light. It uses the latest technology from CREE to provide an LED chip that is powerful yet controllable. It lasts a long time and is light and comfy to wear.

The lamp moves through 90 degrees, so you can point it where you want it. Then there is the patented focus system that adjusts the lens and reflector mirror to provide you with a long reaching sharp beam spot or a flood light. What ever suites your needs.

You can dim the light as well with a small button located on the battery pack. This is easy to use as well, unlike some lighting systems I have tried in the past.

Powered by 3 AAA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries which can be replaced with standard AAA batteries if needs be (a nice touch there, very useful in emergency situations) lasting 40 hours. The charging system works from mains or USB which gives you a number of options from home charging to in car if needs be.

The light weighs in at only 120 grams and is held on your head with an easily adjusted head strap that stays comfortable for hours and hours.

This light is used by members of the emergency services. My friend uses one for lost person recovery where he uses a dog to track human scent, but has to work all hours of the day and night when on a recovery job.

All in all a really robust, well designed bit of kit for your tackle box. Take the time to consider adding one of these to your kit!

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