I have been fishing all my life. Caught my first “real” fish on a boat, it was a Pollock about 3 lbs in weight. I was using a pool cue as a rod with a reel attached with jubilee clips and some rings whipped to it.

From there I was quite literally hooked on fishing. I fished all the time, when ever and where ever I could.

I went on a family holiday and caught my first wild Brown Trout in Scotland, fishing illegally on a small stream (shouldn’t have done it really – please don’t copy this as its bad)

I fished canals, rivers, streams, the sea and every where in between catching species like Mackerel (great fun on light gear), Bass, Pollock, Ray, Coal Fish, Gurnard, Pouting, Conger, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Rudd, Perch, Carp, Greyling and on and on.

I dream about going fly fishing for Bonefish on the flats of Florida as well as a spot of Tarpon Fishing. They are my bucket list species to catch.

I believe heavily in conservation and looking after fish, where they live and the environment as a whole. I catch and release most species, only taking what I will eat. I dispatch fish cleanly and quickly out of respect and I fish using sporting methods out of respect to these wonderful creatures.

Tackle is worthless if left in the garage. What is the point!! i respect anglers who actually get out there and fish, not those who talk about fishing and the one that got away. It’s amazing, the more you fish the more you catch.

Also, I am not keen on every gizmo out there. You need a core of gear and you can really enjoy yourself with some basic stuff. Please don’t go out and buy the latest multi-clipping bait shielding devices until you have all other areas of fishing like marks, tidal knowledge, water temperature and other skills sorted. It’s just not worth it.